The Vegan Experiment #2

First week on a vegan diet complete and I must say, I’m already feeling better for it! It’s amazing what a simple change can do for a person. I have already lost four pounds (weight not money thankfully) and have generally gained more energy. Who’d of thought that this diet malarkey could be so creative. Here I present to you my latest creation:

Courgetti Spaghetti!

So I have never been much of a pasta eater as it has always made me feel groggy and bloated. However, I have recently come across vegetable pasta and thought I wCourgetti Spaghettiould give this a go myself. Once again this was an extremely easy meal to make and took about 15 minutes in total.

I began by creating my tomato sauce. Using a simple tomato passata, I added two fresh diced tomatoes, four diced mushrooms, one diced white onion, one finely chopped red chilli and three pressed garlic cloves. Simple as anything! After bunging it all in a bowl, I added some basil, salt and pepper to season and then put the whole concoction on a medium heat to simmer for about 10 minutes.

While this was bubbling away I cooked my ‘Courgetti Spaghetti.’ If you want to feel super chef like then go ahead and make the ‘pasta’ using a spiralizer. However, if you’re anything like me (which is lazy in the kitchen) then you can also buy it ready made. Wink Wink. I simply added the courgettes to a pre-heated frying pan which had a little sunflower oil to add a buttery taste. Sauté these for about 4-5 minutes and then add a seasoning of your choice. You might have guessed from previous posts that I added more chilli’s. The spicier the better!

Once cooked simply dish up and serve! This was a fantastic recipe that was both tasty and filling and the brilliance is that it can be tailored to your own taste. Another vegan treat that I would definitely recommend.

The Vegan Experiment #1

As some of you may know, I am a devout vegetarian and although I have not been this way my whole life, I still feel meat-eating will not be a lifestyle I ever revert back to.

I have spent the last few months researching veganism in depth and am fascinated by the discipline some people who choose to follow this lifestyle have. For me, becoming a complete vegan is something I don’t currently abide by. The day I turned vegetarian saw an innate change in my body and mind and I was just suddenly unable to eat meat and fish. Therefore I feel I need to have this same epiphany if I am to transition.

However, my research into veganism has been something of an eye-opener, especially in regards to the health benefits. It’s undisputed that plant based foods are extremely high in nutrients; we’re always being told to eat 5 fruits and veggies a day after all. As someone who has always battled with weight and body confidence, Christmas isn’t exactly the best time to improve these standards. (Yes, a few pounds have been gained). Therefore, I have decided to learn more about veganism by immersing myself in the lifestyle and seeing if these health benefits are really true.

For the next three weeks I will be following a strict vegan diet whilst also trying to create delicious vegan alternatives. I present the vegan experiment with meal one:

Vegan Bangers and Mash (With a bigger side order of spicy salad).Vegan Bangers and Mash with Spicy Salad

Linda McCartney was a god send when becoming vegetarian since I have always liked the meaty taste. Just bang these bangers in the oven for 15 minutes and viola.

To create the gorgeous mash here I began by boiling two peeled sweet potatoes. Whilst this is on the hob simply dice up two fresh garlic cloves and one red chilli and then add these to a frying pan with a little dairy-free margarine and cook for 2-3 minutes. Once the potatoes have finished boiling, drain, mash and add the garlic chilli concoction! THIS WAS DELICIOUS!

For my (rather large but I was hungry) side salad I used about a handful of floppy lettuce and another large handful of rocket to give this dish a peppery taste. I then chopped up three vine tomatoes and added to the mixture with half a yellow pepper and three sliced beets. To really accentuate that spicy taste I added a few dollops of chilli infused hummus and then created a dressing using the juice from half a lime, chilli flakes and a dash of black pepper.

This was an extremely filling, simple and low budget dish to make. As a Uni student it’s hard to afford anything too pricey but this hit the nail on the head. I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks.



In 1981, out of LA California a group of oily haired men came together with the intent of creating the most gut wrenching riffs anyone’s ears had ever heard. Slayer, a small-town metal group who began to grow a following from their unique double bass and irregular riffs soon became a household name that would one day become the biggest thrash metal band in the world.

Reign in Blood, Slayers third album shot them into the limelight in 1986. Blending heavy metal with hardcore punk Slayer created their progressive thrash sound that has carried them through the decades, adored by fans since the 80’s. Their sound is arguably something that has never been bettered or even mastered by anyone else to this day. And as Slayer began to take over the metal scene there was undoubtedly no sign of them showing any mercy.

Some may argue Reign in Blood to be the most vicious and brutal album of all time, with people all over the world being fans of the boorish masterpieces. And even for the non-metal fans, Slayer is still part of their vocabulary. EVERYONE knows Slayer! EVERYONE fears Slayer!

Check out this awesome video for Slayer’s Raining Blood:

The last 30 years has seen Slayer leave an infamous legacy behind them, pioneering the way for the ‘weirdos’ and setting an impossible goal for those trying to perfect the same trade. Such a dominant force in music is bound to inspire young people to get involved; metal isn’t dead, it’s very much alive and ready to fuck with anyone that gets in its way!

But ultimately, 30 years is a long time for any band in this industry and yet Slayer has continued to drive through criticism and judgement leaving them admired by many and constantly evolving from album to album. You can certainly hear the differing tones between the likes of albums such as ‘Seasons In The Abyss’ (1990) and ‘God Hates Us All’ (2001). But isn’t that why we love Slayer?! There has always been something bigger and better as they progressed in their career.

But Slayer’s lifespan has not been without tragedy and disruption.
Jeff Hanneman, one of metals most infamous gods and founder of metals most beloved bands Slayer saw his last run with Slayer in 2011. After a long battle, 2013 saw Hanneman finally clutched by his demons and the month of May saw his final passing. Hanneman however held such influence that he is still marvelled to this day for his flawless musical talents!

Tom Araya, 54, Slayer’s own barbarian has pioneered the band from the ultimate beginning and though signs of aging are arguably evident there appears to be no sign of Slayer retiring just yet. Slayer have fought a neverending battle to stay at the top: through hate, criticism and the loss of a dear brother but it appears no one can stand in the way of the worlds most notorious metallers!

And as we head into the 21st century, specifically 2015 Slayer’s career shows no signs of slowing down. Last week saw the release of the long awaited 11th studio album, ‘Repentless’ a gut-busting roller-coaster of old-school Slayer and of course a pinch of brutality. (But that was a given). Clearly evident in the likes of their music video for title track, ‘Repentless’ which can only be described as a prison riot gone 80’s slasher movie. But then gore was never something Slayer strayed away from! Fans have been waiting since 2009 for the next instalment in Slayers discography and although times have changed since the 1986 Slayer everyone felt adorned to, I think everyone can agree that Slayer are still slaying harder than ever!

Check out the title track Repentless here:


Download Festival 2015

As summer draws to an end and a new term begins we can all expect to start settling down into the Uni way of life. Crazy nights ou
t, hectic socials and a pretty hefty workload to top it all off. But let’s not forget what a fantastic festival season we have had this year and for metalheads what an awesome year Donnigton’s legendary Download Festival has been. With huge headliners Slipknot, Muse and Kiss rocking the weekend, Downloaders were part of one of the most awesome years yet.

Download festival is home to not only some of rocks biggest faces but also
photo (2) a huge variety of underground bands and those slowly but surely making their way to the big time. Festival goers can expect to see tons of artists in every sub genre of rock. Download 2015 housed several unusual bands including electronic punk outfit Modestep who powered through a chaotic and enigmatic set on the Zippo Encore Stage on the Friday. The drum and bass rockers may seem to be an unlikely choice to play a festival such as Download but their frantic set saw a heated mass of bodies convulsing to the beats just as hard to that of any Slayer concert. Certainly a differing sound for Download but enjoyed by many nonetheless.

And as Friday rocked into Saturday, the Zippo Encore Stage saw yet another unusual performance. One which can only be described as ‘Cello Metal.’ Apocalyptica, a four piece band from Helsinki, Finland surprised Downloader’s with their unique twist on modern metal. Apocalyptica consist of three cellists, a drummer and vocals that create a haunting and symphonic sound. Many were taken aback by the ‘strange’ line-up but who needs guitars to be totally rocking?!

The Sunday of Download 2015 had a huge classic line-up with the likes of Billy Idol, Mötley Crüe and Slash taking over the main stage. But as many fans of Britain’s biggest rock festival would agree, you can always find a hidden gem in one of Download’s many smaller tents. The Pepsi Max Stage was home to some of the UK’s more bizarre bands this Download, including the notorious Evil Scarecrow who’s shows always seem to feature giant crustaceans and robots! A sea of fans ‘scuttling’ to Evil Scarecrow’s ‘Crabulon’ was certainly something to marvel at. Slow motion mosh pits and conga lines added a great comical element to the set and although the Nottingham outfit could be seen as a little odd they were totally worth checking out.

This summer has been a pioneer for great festival line-ups with Download definitively hitting a top note. It’s impossible to escape the sense of community that this festival creates even in the mud and rain. One thing is for sure, Download will always be one of the greatest and most diverse rock festivals of our time!

Where will you be in 10 years time?


I often spend sleepless nights tossing and turning while I contemplate my imminent future. Asking myself what I want to do and where I want to be. But the answer is always unclear as my brain starts to imagine every possible strand my life could take; whether it good or bad.
10 years is not far away. In fact it is closer than you may think. I can recall turning 10 years old as if it were yesterday so maybe that’s why time seems to fly for me.

Where will you be in 10 years time? A common question one might hear from educators or employers and I forever struggle to answer it. I’m not saying that I have completely no idea. Personally I would love to be working for some swanky magazine (that has glossy pages) or preaching my ideals and humour through the form or radio. Maybe if I am being a little more ambitious I would like to have eradicated world hunger in 10 years time, but I feel this may take a little longer.

But who is to say that this is how life pans out? Even if it is my goal?

I am a great believer in destiny and fate and believe that everything happens for a reason. Who’s to say that in 10 years time I might not have a family? Maybe I will emigrate? I might even change my mind about what I currently want to do in 10 years.

But that’s what makes life that much more exciting. We don’t know. We cannot predict our paths in life. I think that idea makes existence somewhat boring. We are on this earth with one life to grow and discover. And to be honest, I have always found that the best things happen out of spontaneity and making mistakes. It allows us to learn and develop who we are. So who knows where I will be in 10 years time?!

Perhaps I will set a reminder 10 years from now to remenis on how my life has turned out.

Why I Became a Vegetarian.

Just over 10 months ago I made an important decision about my lifestyle and ultimately the things that I believed to be ethical. Above all I would initially like to distinguish that living a vegetarian lifestyle is a choice that does not aim to affect people arouVEGETARIAN-FOODnd you but purely your own self. It is also not only the case that vegetarians are animal lovers, I know many people who are/have been vegetarian for other reasons, (eg) health, taste, environment. But for my own personal reasons I became vegetarian because I finally realised that I am not above any other species.

“Earthling” definition – An inhabitant to the Earth.

This simple word is not just used by aliens to describe the human beings on this planet but also to describe anyone and anything living and breathing in our world.

To me this creates no distortion that all living creatures are equal. Humans, other mammals, reptiles etc. so how could I justify the killing and eating of these creatures? All of my life I have been a big believer in the protection of human rights. I see very human being as equal. No matter your ethnicity, gender, religion, social class, age or sexuality. So how could I, as someone that could now see that animals are our equal condone the killing and eating? The killing of a human has always seemed barbaric to me. Even in regards to public safety. I still see it as inhumane. What right to we have to EVER take someone’s life?! There are those we see as ‘bad’ in the world. I think this is wrong. No one is born ‘bad,’ some just develop ‘bad’ behaviour.

A somewhat off topic point, but why is a murderer seen so much more negatively than an executioner? Both have taken a life. Both have taken a soul. Therefore both are equal in my eyes. (I would just like to point out that I am not condoning murderers before conclusions are jumped to). I think we may need to look into government plays here.

Anyway, I digress, the day I decided to become vegetarian was within my first couple of weeks at university. I think the idea of independence; cooking and fending for myself made the idea a lot more attractive.

Anonymous flat mate, “YOU WILL NEVER LAST A WEEK!” which makes me chuckle because at the time I didn’t think I would last two days. But 10 months down the line I am still fully dedicated to my lifestyle decision. And to say I am proud of myself I find somewhat insulting. To me I think I have just done the ethical thing which is to not condone killing of any kind.

So when people ask me why I became a vegetarian I have a simple answer: “I don’t wish to kill and eat something I consider my equal.” But for me there was a bigger turning point that made me realise I needed to do this…


            My tattoo commemoration.

As I was growing up I had always wanted a dog. I often begged a pleaded with my mum because secretly I knew she felt the same. When I was around 10 or 11 the day finally came when we decided to get a dog. A   beautiful retired greyhound which got the name ‘Nooby.’ No one really remembers how this name came to be but I think it’s pretty quirky. I grew up with this dog, through my teens; through some difficult times and to me this dog was my best friend. I know for some people it seems implausible to be so attached to an animal but I know anyone who has been blessed to live with these furry menaces feels the same.

Over time she became very ill and we knew that she was coming towards the end of her life. It was one of the most horrible memories I will ever have. I hated seeing her in pain.

Last year my dog passed away and I knew I had lost my best friend. It was difficult; painful. But all the best memories I have are when Nooby was here with us, so that’s something nice to hold onto. About a month after her passing I had an epiphany. If you could call it that.





So if I view my dog as my equal why should I view other animals as anything less?! I suppose the simplest way of saying this is that I wouldn’t eat my dog. (Although I’m sure many people wouldn’t for that matter).

But in my eyes it took a terrible moment in my life; that being the death of my best friend to save others. And of course I am aware that the meat industry will always be present. This generation had been brought up consuming these animal products and I would like to re literate that becoming vegetarian was my own PERSONAL choice. And as it was MY choice I would never discriminate against anyone with opposing views to me.

But my view states that I cannot condone the killing of any living creature.

Unfortunately we live in a world where everything we do is under scrutiny. In my opinion I have made a great choice in changing my lifestyle. But I know there are those who would say that my views are hypocritical. Maybe they are?

“What about other animal products?!”

I agree that the farming industry can be considered ridiculously exploitive. (Eg) dairy; milking and egg collecting. But at this point in my life I have been focusing on the taking of lives. There is nothing to stop me saying that in time I may wish to alter my diet further but for now I am content. And for what I deem as right in the world, I think I am aiding.

I am happier since the day I took on a vegetarian lifestyle. I will never look back.

Lush Cosmetics

Lush store in Bristol

For those that know me, I may not be considered the most ‘girly’ of girls. And although I don’t pride myself on my ability to dress on trend or to create hairstyle masterpieces, it does not stop me from wanting to pamper myself from time to time.

So after my student loan arrived in my bank account I thought it wise to go and spend a great big, (yet so worth it) chunk on Lush products from their Oxford branch. Not only do I love the gorgeous smells of their cruelty free products but their staff members are certainly more than helpful and more than happy. I think it must be the fumes.

With further a do, I present you with some of the items I brought with my own personal opinions and ratings:

The Comforter – (Bubble Bar)

I am actually surprised I have never purchased this product before. So after hearing some great reviews I decided to give it a go.
“IT’S SO PINK!…” is the first thing I squealed when I crumbled this into the tub. This bubble bar has a gorgeous arThe Comforteroma, a fruity blackcurrent; DELICIOUS!. Not to mention the amazing foamy blanket it created in the tub! And to top this product off I found that you could get 2-3 uses out of the bar. Simply break a chunk off, crumble it into the water and relax in heaven.
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Dirty – (Body Spray)

Minty. Earthy. Rugged…and dirty. A simple body spray that I found to be a pleasant surprise. Although the name wouldn’t initially suggest a fragrant aroma, a sniff of this bottle couDirtyld certainly change your mind. I would argue that this body spray has a some-what masculine aroma but for me a simple flowery smell doesn’t cut it. It’s definitely a unique spray but as part of Lush’s new line of products I would say it is definitely a winner. Maybe considered a little pricey for a simple body spray, but I found I could still smell the delicious woody aroma 24 hours later!
£15.00 – (200ml)
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Tisty Tosty – (Bath Bomb)

This bath boTTmb is possibly too flowery in smell for my normal liking but how could I resist one of the most enchanting little secrets Lush has to offer.
Once I dropped the Tisty Tosty into my bathtub a beautiful scent filled the room. Simple in colour and size yet fresh and magical. As this little bomb starts to dissolve the smell of jasmine and rose oil starts to fill the air and to my surprise I saw several real rose-buds start to emerge in the water. It’s like bathing in your very own fairytale.
Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Mask of Magnaminty – (Face Mask)

This product was originally suggested to me by a cosmetic mad friend and wow was I happy I had spent my cash on this delicious face mask! This multi-purpose mask is tbo be used on your face and body and has a tasty mint-chocolate smell. The thick oat like texture made it feel so nourishing on my skin and tops all other face masks I have ever tried!
The intensive and caring nature of this mask sent me off into my own little heaven – (a nap) and as I let all my worries fade away I could let this little pot of loveliness fight those pesky skin imperfections! GOODBYE SPOTS!
£9.75 – (315g)
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ 

Fizzbanger – (Bath Bomb)

I had high ex3160pectations of this big ol’ bath bomb having heard great reviews! ”A Catherine wheel”…”It changes colour as it fizzes.” I cannot deny that this bath bomb was a pretty sight once having dropped it into the water, creating a display of dancing colours on the surface! I was however a little disappointed with the fragrance and quality of the product. On first sniff a citrussy smell can be noticed, (one of my favourite scents and tastes) so I was really looking forward to this product! But once the bath bomb began to dissolve I felt some-what cheated as my lemony smell drifted and in it’s place came the smell of apples and cinnamon. I also found it not to be particularly comforting. But all in all I did like this bath bomb. I suppose it just teaches me that I need to read the labels.
Rating: ☆☆☆

Creamy Candy – (Bubble Bar)

“I FEEL LIKE VELVET!” The first thing I exclaimed after leaving the tub. This delicious treat reminded me of being a kid again. The sweet smell of candy floss Creamy_Candy_webwill always be one of my favourite scents. With it’s intensive properties I felt not only like I was floating on a candy floss cloud but I also felt my skin getting softer and softer. This adorable little bubble bar is rich with cocoa butter which adds to the sweet experience. This is possibly one of my favourite Lush products. I just can’t get enough of it. The only downfall of this product is that it’s hard not to taste! It smells good enough to eat!
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

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“What should I be when I grow up?”

“What should I be when I grow up?!” A question that every child asks their parents as they try to decide what their skills and hobbies are. And as an adult I am still asking myself, “what is it I actually want to do with my life?” which led me to reminisce on my past career choices up to this point in my life.

Every little girl dreams of being a princess. The pink dresses, the jewels and being rescued by Prince Charming were very attractive to me as a child. However, I soon discovered that to become a princess I would have to be born into the royal family, (which clearly didn’t happen) or marry into the family, (which clearly won’t happen). It’s quite funny looking back at this phase now considering I am pretty anti-monarchy but maybe I would think differently if I was born into fame and wealth.


I have always been a huge animal lover. For example, I am the kind of person who likes dogs more than people and would be more than happy to live in a house filled with fur and chewed up furniture. Animals are nBULLDOGot judgmental, animals do not care if your rich or poor, smart or dumb and hence are the better of humans. Maybe this is why I desired to save as many of these lives as possible. But then my hamster fell ill. We took him to the vets where he was peacefully euthanized. I cried a lot. And that was the end of that. I’d be a mess in that career.

When I was about 12 I spent a night at my Grandma’s house in which I was introduced to a fantastic show called ‘Casualty’. I loved the action. I thought it was really exciting. My Grandma used to tell me how her brother drove the ambulances when he was younger. I had an adrenaline rush just thinking about it. But then I realised a single cut on my finger is enough to make me feel woozy. So I didn’t think throwing up over trauma patients would be very professional.
GMTV Presenter

This was never a long lasting career plan. GMTV soon turned to Daybreak. And Daybreak soon turned to Good Morning Britain. It’s just not the same any more *sigh.*


So I could say that my family have influenced some of my careBABYer decisions. My Grandma was a midwife and often told me about all the exciting days she used to have on the ward and how helping to bring new life into the world was one of the most fulfilling things you could do. However, as far as I am aware a midwife needs to have biological knowledge and unfortunately anything scientific was not exactly my forte. But this is in fact one profession I haven’t completely disregarded. I still think it would be such a rewarding and exciting job.


JournalismAnd in present day a career in journalism is what I am currently chasing. It’s a strange goal for someone of my views. In all honesty I hate the majority of the way journalism is done. It’s dishonest, slander and often pointless. I want to change the face of the journalism world. I haven’t quite discovered how I will achieve a cleaner media but if I can make people happy with what I write and talk about then this will be the career for me.

Is music influencing our politics?

Over the decades, rock bands have always searched for a new and innovative way of capturing an audience. This could be shock value; trends they create or even with lyrical content. Fashion and styles of music have often influenced the listeners in arguably both good and bad ways, ‘The Mods and Rockers’ being an example that show-cased conflicting youth subcultures due to the music they were influenced by. But I ask the question, can influencing someone’s mind with music be damaging? And can bands with heavily political messages influence someone’s own opinions?

With 40 years between the bands I wish to delve into, political influence is bound to have altered in style. Are the fans simply clones of  these musical minds?

Pink Floyd (1965) found international stardom with their progressive rock style. Philosophy and showmanship appeared to be the forefront of this bands career. Speaking to fans of Pink Floyd   I was told, “They tell intricate stories about personal pain and involve society as a whole regarding how society shifts and can sometimes leave behind key elements.”
Arguably this would suggest that Pink Floyd are more intuitive than passively slating our society. But famous songs like, ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ counteract this argument with their content Conformitypreaching that education is damaging and moulding young people into robots that serve the economy. It’s doubtful that any listener would see education in the same light again.

But as the years go on styles continue to change and moving into the 70s one rock band in particular wished to step even further into the realms of ‘politics’ with their ‘stick it to the man’ theatrics. British anarchists… The Sex Pistols (1975). Although The Sex Pistols had a short career, the band had influenced the music industry with their rebellious anti-capitalist ideas and hence created the punk movement in Britain that we all know today.

So if The Sex Pistols were able to influence a youth subculture to form regarding style and attitude, it is potentially undeniable that this group influenced young people’s opinions on politics. There are always those in the music industry that wish to create a stir and how better than to shock people with what you preach in lyrics. ‘Anarchy in the UK’ was a massive hit for The Sex Pistols, which emitted the issues of economPUNKic frustration and social alienation for youths in Britain. Surely if these young people like the band and listen to these lyrics they would lend away from any right-wing political ideas? Young minds are very easily shaped.

But rock bands are famous for being anti-conformist so should we just expect their listeners to have the same mind set? People are attracted to music they can relate to and lyrics are often the best way of attracting an audience. However, there are those who may not relate to the lyrical content of a band and may just like them for the sound and performances. Does this mean that their minds have been influenced too?

But some famous rock bands do not only rely on their lyrical content but also their actions. Rage Against the Machine (1991) are extremely well renowned for their individualistic and extreme lyrics. “F**k you I won’t do what you tell me” being one lyric that all fans of the band know. Potentially suggesting that you should never take orders from anyone in society which is all well and good regarding personal self esteem but could this effect the working ethic of living in a capitalist society?

In 1999, Rage Against the Machine filmed their music video for ‘Sleep Now in the Fire’ outside the New York Stock Exchange. At about mid-day the NYSE closed its doors in fear of the crowds that had come to watch the filming of the video. The activist director of the film Michael Moore said, “We decided to shoot this video in the belly of the beast,” which highlighted the bands hatred towards capitalism. The band also tried to gain entry into the NYSE and were consequently escorted from the site.RATM

With bands performing political stunts, as well as using anti-capitalist lyrics it is seemingly likely that their fans will respond positively due to adoration. But it is arguable that this alters their own opinions on what is right and wrong and what they believe society should be.

Many of our world’s most famous bands have stemmed from communist and anarchist ideas. Even more modern bands like Enter Shikari preach similar ideas, “Sometimes I wish that apples were our currency so your hoarded millions could rot in their vaults.”

But maybe this anti-government idea is more to do with social class. The rich want to stay rich and the poor often want to be rich. If hope is needed then latching onto something (i.e. a band) that makes you believe, is going to be more comforting. It’s arguable that these bands are speaking out to the underdogs of society. It is almost suggesting that if we stamp out capitalism, the world will be a better place. But that is for our younger generation to decide. Which way should our world lean?


It’s strangweightlesse how things can change so rapidly. I have hit lows in my life that now often leave me wondering, ‘Am I having a bad day? Am I having a bad week? Or is this something that is going to be a little more permanent?’ It’s an erroneous and foreboding mind set. Darkness is the cruelest place. But for some reason, I feel like a weight has been lifted. It’s floating far, far away and I smile as I see it vanish out of existence. I just hope that it never returns for I am finally content. I can finally fight the obstacles. I am finally happy.

I feel weightless…